Thursday, April 13, 2017

Texas Man's Chickens Lay Colored Eggs

It is that time of year again, many families have started dying eggs for Easter, but one local man is raising chickens that lay color tinted eggs.

He says they are actually healthy and completely natural.

It started out as a hobby, but quickly grew to something more.

Pyote resident, Brandon Phillips, started raising chickens a year and a half ago.

"Basically I'm starting a small hatchery," said Phillips.

He never thought his eggs would have so many people buzzing.

"I would sell out 40, 60 dozen at a time," said Phillips.

Green, blue, brown, some of his eggs are even so dark that they look black.

"What you feed them will affect how much the pigment comes out. I try to feed them a lot of green," said Phillips.

Phillips has more than 10 different breeds of chickens that lay the colored eggs. All of them come from different parts of Europe.

"There is just a high interest in the birds because they are not readily available in the U.S.," said Philips.

Although, these eggs come in fun colors, the secret is just genetics. The color of the eggs should get darker over time. Phillips says they are healthier than traditional eggs.

"The egg pore on the shell is smaller than that of a standard breed egg. It renders the inside 100 percent E. coli and bacteria free," said Philips.

Now, he's not only selling the eggs, but hatching them so that others can have their own.


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