Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Allyson Talbott, Rogers High, Robbed Of Honor

A Central Texas student claims she was denied Valedictorian by a slim margin after a clerical error by a nearby community college resulted in a dual credit grade being incorrectly provided to her high school.

Allyson Talbott is a senior at Rogers High School in Bell County, Texas, where she took dual credit courses at Temple College. In addition to her athletic accomplishments as a high school cheerleader, Talbott found time to complete her associate's degree through Temple college before her scheduled Rogers ISD graduation on May 25.

But, Talbott claims a dual credit grade of 97.5 was incorrectly marked as 92 by Temple College. And, when the incorrect grade was provided to her high school, it made the .075 point difference that ranked her Salutatorian instead of Valedictorian.

"This is utterly wrong and disrespectful," said Talbott in a Facebook post. "I was fine with being number two, but after realizing my grade was calculated incorrectly and the school is refusing to recalculate it, I am beyond mad."


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