Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Body Floating Near Queen Isabella Causeway

"Tied up and weighed down" said Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio at a press conference Tuesday to confirm new details in a homicide investigation. On April 30th 2017, the body of Martha Beatrice Adams, 53, was found floating in the bay area south of the Queen Isabella Causeway in Port Isabel.

Adams' hands and feet were bound with zip ties and rope, she was also weighed down with 25lb metal weights, according to Sheriff Lucio. Finger print analysis with Texas Crime Information Center/National Crime Information Center confirmed Adams had been reported missing from McAllen.

According to Lucio, the missing person's report had been made by family members April 27th. Three days later her body was found. On May 1st, based on McAllen PD intel, search warrants were executed at two residences of Terry Adams', Martha's ex-husband.


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