Friday, May 5, 2017

Charley Jones, Others Cut From CBS Radio

CBS Radio has cut at least four people from DFW news-talk radio station KRLD/1080 AM, including some familiar names, not all of whom were shy about using social media to mention that they were cut.

Perhaps the biggest name was Charley Jones, the longtime host of “Texas Overnight” on KRLD and TSN, according to a source. On his Facebook page, a lengthy comment thread — that started with a Feb. 22 post — abruptly changed topics this morning to “you’ll be missed” comments.

The station confirmed the cut, as well as the ones below.

Another familiar name is J.D. Ryan, whose 17-year association with CBS Radio goes back to his days on “The Russ Martin Show” when it was on KLLI, the talk-radio predecessor to the current sports station KRLD/105.3 FM “The Fan.” Ryan contributed “Around Town” features about DFW as well as “Texas Road Trippin’ ” features.


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Jarod said...

You guys let Charlie Jones go and have nothing to go in his place and play his reruns............ I guess I am going to WBAP. If I want to listen to reruns I will go to 660 AM The Anwser

Kathy said...

huge mistake to have cut so many talk shows and the worst mistake was to cut Charley Jones. Are y'all NUTS at CBS or what???As of the date of this terrible decision I have stopped watching all CBS TV and listening to any other CBS radio programs. You're nuts!!! And I'[m angry with your dub decision!!!