Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Family Pet Found Skinned - Police Investigate

The vicious attack of a dog in Canyon has the Police Department speaking out, urging residents to take caution.

A woman and her family are in shock after the death of their family dog. And though the Police Department has concluded their investigation, some are skeptical of the cause.

We have seen the photos and have chosen not to show them, as they are incredibly graphic.

A Canyon woman says she left her home for 15 minutes with her 7 foot gates locked on Friday afternoon and when she arrived, she found her small dachshund was dead and skinned.

She immediately contacted Canyon Police. Through their investigation, the department reached out to entities including the wildlife division of the USDA.

"She had indicated that maybe somebody had come in her backyard to do that. But her gates...she practiced good crime prevention and her gates were locked. So that led us to believe that maybe a wild animal had got in that backyard," said Canyon Police Chief Dale Davis.

Davis tells us they concluded it was a fox (or multiple) that did this.


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1 comment:

Linda H. said...

Foxes do not attack dogs, they eat rodents and are beneficial to society. Wolves on the other hand, are a danger to dogs.