Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jordan Brown / Sister Jadyn Died In Beaumont Crash

The Beaumont ISD community mourning after the announcement that two students died in the accident in North Beaumont earlier today.

The accident happened on Eastex Freeway near Chinn Lane.

According police, a dump truck was on top of the car when they collided, resulting fatal for the two B.I.S.D. students.

"He was a joy," says Shy Filer, Assistant Principal at West Brook High School.

"I talked to him and laughed, he walked off not knowing those were going to be my last words to him," She says.

"I wish I can go back and tell him how much I love him," says Filer heartbroken.

A dump truck collided with a car carrying 2 B.I.S.D. students, a junior from West Brook and a 4th grader from Homer Drive Elementary.

The intense wreck shut down the northbound service road of Eastex Freeway.


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