Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Kirbyville TX Principal Dennis Reeves Suicide

Kirbyville High School Principal Dennis Reeves shot himself to death Tuesday afternoon inside of his truck in the school parking lot after submitting his resignation to the district’s superintendent.

KFDM in Beaumont reported that officers found Reeves’ body shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday inside of his truck along with a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol.

The engine of the truck was running and the transmission was in reverse, but Reeves’ foot was on the brake and the vehicle wasn’t moving, police said.

Reeves informed the district’s superintendent of his resignation at around 4 p.m. Tuesday, Kirbyville Police Chief Paul Brister said.


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heartofgold57 said...

Nothing about this makes sense -- My gut tells me there is a lot more to this story, and I certainly hope the police are investigating the possibility it was a homicide.

heartofgold57 said...

Who benefits from him being dead, and WHY did he resign?

Letitia Gianopulos said...

Hoping there isn't a scandal about to break.