Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Medication Error Caused Her Skin To Burn Off

“I never lost anybody close to me, but that’s what it feels like.”

When 26-year-old Khaliah Shaw looks at pictures of herself from three years ago, she doesn’t recognize that person from before. Before her skin burned from the inside out. Before her sweat glands melted. Before the medically-induced coma.

Before the mistake.

“I didn’t have to have people staring at me or wondering why I look different,” she said. “Three years ago, my life changed forever.”

In 2014, Shaw went to a doctor’s office because she felt depressed. She received a prescription for lamotrigine. A pending lawsuit claims Shaw received the wrong dosage, and her pharmacy didn’t catch it.

For the first two weeks, “everything was ok.”

And then it wasn’t.

Blisters broke out all over her body. “I was in excruciating pain. It felt like I was on fire,” she said.

She was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome a rare serious skin disorder. It's usually caused by reaction to a medication or an incorrect dosage.


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