Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mom Faked Child's Illness To Raise Money

A 28-year-old Milano woman is facing charges she faked a child's illness and started a web page to raise money.

Katelyn Christina Carnline was arrested by the Milam County Sheriff's Department on charges of injury to a child with serious bodily injury and exploitation of a child.

A statement from the Milam County District Attorney's Office says an investigation determined that she started the web page to raise funds for her allegedly critically ill child she said was suffering from what she termed a " rare genetic disorder".

The charges allege she lied to medical personnel about the seven month old's medical condition and withheld proper nutrition from the child leading to a decline in the child's health and that she subjected the child to unnecessary medical procedures in an attempt to raise money.

Child Protective Services has since placed the child with other family members and the child is now reported to be healthy and thriving.


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