Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Police Dog Critically Injured Innocent Man

A Harris County Sheriff's Office K-9 dog attacked the wrong man during a search for a car thief, leaving the victim with serious wounds.

It happened May 5 in Tomball.

Raised to respect law enforcement, Young is still having a tough time making sense of the incident.

That afternoon, Young was fixing an air conditioner under a Tomball mobile home. The dog was on the hunt for that car thief who'd been spotted in the area.
"I didn't hear [anything]," Young said. "I didn't see [anything]. I just felt a real sharp pain and I look down and there is a dog."

In the dark crawl space under the mobile home, he said he grabbed the dog's mouth and held it shut, not knowing it was a Sheriff's K-9. He turned around and saw a man in uniform in the opening to the crawl space screaming at him to let the dog go.

"As soon as I let go, the dog bit me," Young said.


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