Monday, May 1, 2017

Pregnant Julie Prater Of Plano Battled Cancer

The courage of a young mother is inspiring others in the fight of their lives. Julie Prater battled brain cancer during and after her pregnancy and this weekend she'll continue to show her strength at the "Head for the Cure" 5K in Plano.

Prater was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was just eight weeks pregnant with her second child. She knew something wasn’t right after she had a seizure.

“I got up to get my son who was a year old and I started having a seizure. And I had enough time to call my husband’s name and then I blacked out,” she said.

Scans of her brain later showed a tumor.

“It was just really shocking. I’m a nurse so I kind of new the severity of that. It just was really shocking and I was really scared for me and mainly for June, my daughter that I was pregnant with at the time,” she said.

Prater underwent life-saving surgery while pregnant. Her doctors said there isn’t a lot of research about removing tumors in pregnant mothers.

“They were able to get the majority of the tumor out,” she said.


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