Sunday, May 28, 2017

Randall Stephenson Highest Paid CEO In Texas

The telco’s CEO Randall Stephenson did well last year — making $28.4 million, a 13.1% increase — according to the company’s proxy, submitted today to the SEC. But that’s still less than the $31.5 million that his potential underling, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, made in 2015.

Stephenson’s 2016 package included $1.8 million salary, $16.1 million in stock awards, $5.7 million in non-equity incentives, $3.5 million change in pension value, and $1.4 million in other compensation, The “other” category included $1.2 million from the company’s matching contribution to his 401(k) plan.

Unlike most media executives, Stephenson reimburses the company for the incremental cost of his personal use of AT&T’s aircraft. (Time Warner paid $165,625 for Bewkes’ aircraft use in 2015.) The board gave the CEO 133% of his performance share payout after the company hit its financial and three-year stock targets.


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