Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Texas Man (CHL) Pulls Gun To Protect Himself

“He was talking about his niece, how he disrespected his niece,” Benitez recalled. And, obviously, he was really upset. He was ready to fight. The guy, he was literally right there. The other guy, you could tell he was either scared or didn't want any problems.”

Sensing something was about to go down, Benitez pulled out his cell phone to record the video on Snapchat. That’s when Benitez says the man, who was sitting on the bench, pulled out a gun.

“By the time I started recording, I looked on my camera. I looked up and the guy had his gun out. And at that split second, I was like I need to get my daughter,” Benitez said. “I pick her up. I grab my stepdaughter and put them behind a concrete post and told them to stay there.”

According to Mansfield police, the man who had the gun is licensed to carry in the state of Texas. And after speaking to witnesses, investigators say he pointed the gun at the other man, who police are calling the "aggressor," after being lifted up from the bench and hit in the face and torso.


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