Friday, May 5, 2017

Toddler Smiles As Firefighters Rescue Him

What could have been a nightmare for one frustrated mother turned into a hilarious tale which she plans on sharing with her 14-month-old son when he's old enough to appreciate it.

Kirsty Green was shopping with her toddler, Brandon Emery, at the grocery store Lidl in Bude, England, last weekend when the mischievous incident occurred.

Brandon kept trying to stand in the shopping cart as Green attempted to unload her groceries in the trunk. To prevent him from falling, Green put him in the backseat.

"So I opened the car and the boot [trunk] and put Brandon in the car, placed my keys down in the boot and unloaded the shopping," Green told CBS News. "Not having a second thought about the keys I closed the boot and could see that Brandon had climbed into the front of the car and was happily playing with the steering wheel."

As Green walked around the car, Brandon quickly smacked the lock down — "whilst grinning." He was locked in, all smiles behind the wheel, and she was locked out.


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