Friday, June 2, 2017

Bus Crash: Truck Driver Had Meth In System

The driver who slammed his 18-wheeler into a Mount Pleasant ISD school bus and a passenger car in April had methamphetamines in his system at the time of the crash, according to a certified Texas Department of Public Safety crash report.

A blood test performed on Bradley Ray Farmer returned a positive result for central nervous system (CNS) stimulants, according to the report.

Farmer, 50, of Missouri died on March 24 after his 18-wheeler slammed into a school bus and then a car on Highway 271, two miles south of Talco in Titus County. Assistant Coach Angelica Beard also died in the wreck. Three others, including a student, were injured.

“Dallas County Medical Examiner blood toxicology showed that Farmer had methamphetamine in his system,” is written in the investigator’s narrative portion of the crash report. Amphetamines can be detected by blood tests for up to a week after using, according the Mayo Clinic.


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