Friday, June 16, 2017

Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows, Right?

Chocolate milk doesn't come from brown cows, but plenty of Americans say it does.

According to the Innovation Center of U.S. Dairy, which is at least as real as these poll results, 7 percent of Americans think a brown cow yields chocolate milk. That's 22 million people.

Or at least that's how they answered an online poll question. There usually isn't anything preventing people from lying on those things.

But that also means the number could be even higher, and they just lucked into answering correctly.

But assuming it's real (which is a bit of a stretch), think about the implications here.

That means regular old plain white milk would come from solid white cows, black cows would produce black milk and black-and-white Holstein cattle, which are a primary dairy breed, would produce some weird, Dalmation-looking milk.

Do people really believe that?

How did it get flavored like chocolate? Does beef from brown cows taste like chocolate too?

Is cheddar cheese made from orange milk, which came from orange cows?

Does skim milk come from skinny cows? Is 2 percent milk from just 2 percent of a cow? What would 2 percent of a cow even be?

Is buttermilk produced by those cow sculptures at the state fair?

According to FoodCorps, which was cited by the Washington Post, the reason people don't know about their food is because they don't live near farms. And people who do live near farms know more about agriculture. Funny how that works.

That also includes a '90s study that said 20 percent of Americans didn't know hamburger meat was beef. But, honestly, depending on where you buy your hamburgers, that might be accurate.


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