Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lubbock Couple Renews Vows On 75th Anniversary

Tom and Marie Macone were married quick, in a courthouse, by a judge 75 years ago. The couple always wanted to have a wedding ceremony but their plans were interrupted but the Vietnam war.

“I gave her her engagement ring the Saturday night before the attack on Pearl Harbor. I quit my job the next day started trying to get in as a cadet but I was too tall. So I went to aircraft school and said I would get married before getting enlisted into the service,” 95 year-old, Tom Macone said.

“We didn't have a ceremony when we were married. The judge married us because we were down in the country,” 91 year-old, Marie Macone said.

Once they moved into the Ventura Nursing Home several of the employees heard their story and decided to throw them a wedding of their own.

“They’re special. Hes 95 shes 91. They never had an actual wedding, they never had any children. They told me how they met and everything that happened and I saw that distant look in Marie’s eyes. She wanted to be able to have a wedding,” Ann Jones, the Activities Coordinator at Ventura Nursing Home said.


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