Monday, July 17, 2017

1 Killed - 2 Hurt In Major I-35 Crash In Dallas

Authorities say one person has been killed and at least two people have been hurt in the crash.

From Chopper 11, several cars and at least two semi-trucks appeared to be involved in the wreck. One white pick-up truck could be seen on its side.

A black pick-up truck also appeared to have spun around and slid off the road after impact with other vehicles.

Much of the focus of rescue workers appeared to be near where one of the semi-trucks was on its side. The cab of that truck appeared to have been crushed and had the back end of another semi-trailer partially resting on top of the damaged cab that was laying on its side. That area was roped-off by yellow caution tape.

Tow trucks were beginning to remove vehicles from the scene as Chopper 11 departed at about 12:10 Monday afternoon.

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