Saturday, September 30, 2017

Football Players Kicked Off Team For Protest

A Crosby football coach is getting some heat after he dismissed two players from his team Friday night.

The players decided to participate in the recent NFL protests during the National Anthem, but as soon as the song was over, the teens were headed home.

Larry McCollough is number three. His cousin, Cedric Ingram-Lewis is number one.

They’re two of the best players for Victory and Praise Christian Athletics, or at least they were.

“It was an honor to have you on this football team, but I'm not going to allow you to disrespect the flag. As I was walking away, he goes take your stuff off, take it off now," McCollough said.

Right there on the sidelines, Larry and Cedric removed their jerseys.

“I really felt humiliated, to have to undress in front of everyone there. From my pads to my pants, in front of everyone," McCollough said.

But Coach Ronnie Mitchem says it was the result of breaking the rules.

“I said, 'guys, we will not kneel on the National Anthem. If you do this, your days playing for the sharks are over,'" Mitchem said. KHOU

3 Critically Hurt After Fort Worth Car Crash

Four children and one adult were injured in a crash on eastbound I-30 near Cook’s Lane on Saturday.

MedStar said the adult and two children were critically injured in the crash. Two other children were seriously hurt.

The critically injured children were taken to Cook Children’s by CareFlite. DFWCBSLOCAL

Sick Father Of Graduate Has Passed Away

A father who was able to see his daughter graduate from college from his hospital bed has died, according to his daughter.

Brad Gildenblatt was unable to attend his daughter Caitlin’s graduation from Oklahoma State University back in May due to ALS, which left him immobile and in a hospital.

Rather than having to watch the ceremony from a livestream, an OSU dean stepped in to help Caitlin be with her father when she accepted her sociology degree.

The dean drove to Dallas and held a mini-graduation for Caitlin so that the proud Flower Mound father could see his daughter graduate from college.

On Saturday, Caitlin posted on Facebook about her father’s passing. She wrote a heartfelt message that read, “Daddy, I know you are running around in heaven. I know you are eating a whole pepperoni mushroom pizza from dominos. I know you feel so much better. I know you are not in any pain. I will be okay knowing you are happy and free. I love you with all my heart daddy! I will always be your little girl!” DFWCBSLOCAL

Players Carry Flags Before Football Game

Amid controversy in the NFL, one Tennessee high school football team is using their platform to respond.

At Friday's game against Chattanooga's East Ridge High School, Anderson County players and coaches walked onto the field carrying American flags.

Toby Keith's "Courtesy to the Red, White and Blue" played in the stadium as patriotic fireworks were set off.

“The NFL has been using that venue for other causes, we wanted to make sure our platform was used for what it was intended," explained Coach David Gillum. "Our kids have dads in military some of them are over there now, we wanted to do our part to show support for the freedoms they fought for."

He says they also wanted to show support for the high school's junior ROTC team which displays the colors during the National Anthem before each game.

Normally, the team is still in the locker rooms during the National Anthem, but chose to enter the field earlier on Friday to be able to be there. KHOU

Marty & Jean Lawrence Killed In Car Crash

A Tyler Fire captain and his wife have died after an out of state accident.

According to Tyler Fire PIO Paul Findley, Marty and Jean Lawrence died overnight in an Arkansas crash.

A source says it happened in Arkladelphia and involved an 18-wheeler. The family has been notified. EASTTEXASMATTERS

Protesting Players Kicked Off Football Team

A pair of football players at Victory and Praise Christian Academy in Crosby, Texas, were reportedly kicked off the team for protesting during the national anthem Friday.

According to the Houston Chronicle's Adam Coleman, Cedric Ingram-Lewis raised his fist and his cousin, Larry McCullough, kneeled.

Ingram-Lewis said they had been warned before the game by their head coach Ronnie Mitchem, who reportedly served in the military, that they would be disciplined if they demonstrated.

"He told us that disrespect will not be tolerated," Ingram-Lewis said of the coach's reaction to the protest, per Coleman. "He told us to take off our uniform and leave it there." BLEACHERREPORT

Tyler Fireman & Wife Killed In Car Wreck

A Tyler fire captain and his wife have died after an overnight automobile accident.

According to Tyler Fire Department Information Officer Paul Findley, the wreck was out of state.

The family has been notified.

According to a family friend, the fire captain and his wife were visiting their son in Arkansas, when the crash occurred.

The identity of the fire captain and his wife have not yet been released. KLTV

1 Killed 1 Hurt In Odessa Motorcycle Crash

One man is dead and a woman is in critical condition following a motorcycle crash that occurred early Saturday morning in North Odessa.

On September 30, 2017 at approximately 0206 hours, Odessa Police and Odessa Fire Rescue responded to 42nd and Clover in reference to a major crash.

Investigation revealed that a black Honda CBR motorcycle, being operated by Devin Sandoval, 22 years of age, of Odessa, was traveling westbound in the 1400 block of East 42nd Street.

A white Ford Taurus was traveling eastbound in the 1300 block of East 42nd Street.

The driver of the Ford Taurus attempted to turn left onto Clover, causing the motorcycle to strike the back right passenger side of the Ford Taurus.

Sandoval was pronounced deceased on scene and next of kin was notified.

The female passenger of the motorcycle was transported to Medical Center Hospital with life-threatening injuries. CBS7

Doctor Warning: Don't Tattoo Your Eyeballs

The decision to walk into a tattoo parlor and have someone needle-inject ink into the whites of your eyeballs is a bad one. That's according to ophthalmologists, a person who has had the procedure and even the guy who says he invented it.

Sclera tattooing, also known as tattooing the whites of the eyes, is so ill-advised that ophthalmologist Philip Rizzuto, a spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, is disappointed he even has to talk about it.

"I would strongly recommend against it," he said. The practice, he warned, can cause people to go blind and even lose their eye.

The world was reminded of the practice when Canadian woman Catt Gallinger of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, recently posted the results of her sclera tattoo gone wrong. KENS5

Check Out This New Attraction In Galveston

After months of construction that resulted in the very hard-to-miss giant head of a shark appearing on Seawall Boulevard, Landry’s Inc. today will unveil its newest island attraction.

At 11 a.m. Saturday, Landry’s will launch Shark Attack The Mysterious Underworld 5D at 2424 Seawall Blvd., packing in two attractions in a building formerly occupied by Domino’s Pizza.

The most striking is a scene in which visitors watch as a massive, angry shark attempts to break through what appears to be aquarium glass. The floor moves and water splashes as the shark thrashes and gets more agitated. Matrix Technology is the designer and creator of the attraction meant to make visitors feel very much a part of the frightening scene. KHOU

Friday, September 29, 2017

Small Plane Crash Near Itasca On Friday

A small plane crash-landed off FM 67 near Itasca in Hill County Friday afternoon.

The pilot, realizing he would not have enough fuel to reach a landing strip, attempted to make an emergency landing but got caught in some power lines, according to DPS Sgt. D.L. Wilson. The power lines caused the plane to flip multiple times and crash down on the ground, trapping the pilot in the cockpit -- upside down, Wilson explained.

Firefighters were able to get the pilot out. He did not suffer any major injuries and was able to walk away after the first responders rescued him, Wilson said. KVUE

1 Killed In Friday 2 Vehicle Crash Near Lufkin

One person has died in a fatal wreck involving an 18-wheeler and a pickup truck that occurred on U.S. Highway 69 just outside of the Lufkin loop Friday.

Jessica Pebsworth, a spokeswoman for the Lufkin Police Department, said that one person died in the wreck.

Pebsworth said the pickup was heading north on Highway 69 south of Lufkin as the flag vehicle for a mobile home, and the 18-wheeler, which was hailing a track hoe, was traveling southbound in the outside lane. The vehicle veered across the median into the southbound lane and hit the track hoe, Pebsworth said.

The man driving the pickup died at the scene of the wreck, Pebsworth. KLTV

Beat Daughter's Abusive Boyfriend To Death

An Oklahoma dad beat his daughter's allegedly abusive boyfriend to death at the request of the young girl, Tulsa Police said.

The boyfriend, Anthony Pietrzak, 18, was found beaten to death and hogtied early Thursday near the home he lived in with his girlfriend outside Tulsa.

Dearld Peal, 46, and Tracy Price, 40, were arrested Wednesday on kidnapping charges, and first-degree murder charges were added against each man after Pietrzak's body was found.

Peal, the father of Pietrzak’s girlfriend, was asked by his daughter to beat up Pietrzak because he had been beating her, Mackenzie said. It's not clear how or why Price may have been involved.

"She got these...individuals to beat up her boyfriend because she alleged he was beating on her," MacKenzie said.

Peal reportedly told Pietrzak “that he would never be able to hurt his daughter again,” according to the affidavit.

Peal told police he was not there when the homicide occurred, Tulsa World reported.

An anonymous caller told police Tuesday a man known only as "Anthony" had been killed and dismembered.

A witness told detectives they watched a man being beaten, hogtied and thrown in the back of a pickup truck outside of the victim's home in north Tulsa, said Sgt. Dave Walker, the head of the department’s homicide division. FOX7AUSTIN

Oops, An Off-Duty COP Drives Into Sinkhole

An off-duty officer heading home after his shift drove into a sinkhole at a South Side park early Friday morning, but he was able to get out and was unharmed.

The incident happened just before 7 a.m. at South Side Lions Park, off Pecan Valley Drive and Kashmuir.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, the officer was driving down a dirt road behind Kashmuir when he noticed a lot of standing water in the area. He did not think it was unusual considering the rain, and drove into the sinkhole.

The truck was partially submerged in water, but he managed to get out okay. It took crews about an hour to tow the truck out of the hole, which may have been caused by a water main break in the area.

SAPD said San Antonio Water Systems crews were in the area, but the spot where the apparent sinkhole formed had not been cordoned off. NEWS4SANANTONIO

Took Germany Trip, Left 4 Kids Home Alone

It's like a real-life version of the movie "Home Alone," except in this case, the children were purposely left behind.

Thankfully, police were called before anything bad happened to the kids.

Erin Macke left two 12-year-olds and a 6- and 7-year-old alone in the apartments while she took a vacation to Germany. Macke planned on leaving her kids alone for 10 days.

"All of her sitter options fell through, and she left the kids in the care of the two 12-year-olds," said Lt. Tyler Tompkins, Johnston Iowa Police Department. "Luckily we were able to get there the next day, so the chance of something happening dropped significantly."

Receiving a tip from the father of one of the children, police checked in on the children and called the Department of Human Services, who then placed the children with other family members.

"They were concerned. They didn't know. They were confused. I mean, we're only talking about 12-year-olds being the adults here," Tompkins said. "We called her. She answered the phone, had a conversation with our officer, did not see it being a problem,"

Officers told Macke her children were turned over to DHA and convinced her to come home early, which she did - six days later.

Police said they have never experienced something like this before. KSWO

Andy Erives Arrested Murder Of 15-Year-Old

A 15-year-old teen has died from his injuries when another teen shot him in the head.

According to police, officers were called to a report of a shooting at a house in the 3700 block of Burning Tree Lane at about 7 p.m. Tuesday. The teen was sent to the hospital in critical condition. He died two days later.

Police identified the suspect as 17-year-old Andy Erives. An investigation revealed that the victim, Erives and a 15-year-old witness were hanging out at the home with a gun. Police say Erives pointed the gun at the teen and shot him.

That's when Erives fled the scene, but he was later found in the 3600 block of O'Henry and was taken into custody.

He is currently in the Garland Detention Center. He faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. WFAA

10 Year Sentence For Sexual Assault Of Child

A 39-year-old East Texas kindergarten teacher has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to seven counts of sexual assault with a child and improper relationship with a student for having sex with high school students.

A judge in Angelina County also has ordered Heather Robertson, of Lufkin, to surrender her teaching certification and register for life as a sex offender.

Robertson was a teacher in the Hudson school district, just outside Lufkin, for 13 years. Prosecutors said Thursday an investigation showed she had sex at her Lufkin apartment with at least six Hudson students between last November and February this year.

She resigned as a Hudson teacher April 20 and was arrested the next day. She could have received up to 20 years on each count. KZTV10

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mailman Found A Dead Body On His Route

A Killeen mail carrier made a grim discovery Thursday while on his route.

A Killeen mail carrier found a shooting victim lying dead in the road at around noon Thursday in Killeen.

The unidentified mail carrier was making deliveries when he spotted the man in the 700 block of Reese Creek Road near the Maxdale Road intersection, police said.

The victim, who was about 30, has not been positively identified.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy was ordered. KWTX

5 Kids & 3 Adults Injured At Frisco Daycare

Authorities say five children and three adults were injured when a vehicle crashed into a fence outside a Frisco day care facility Thursday.

The crash was reported at Primrose School of Frisco at about 5 p.m. on the 9100 block of Teel Parkway.

Two children were transported by air ambulance to Children's Health in Dallas, one of whom was in critical condition, officials said.

Three children and one adult were transported by ground ambulance to hospitals.

The conditions of the other children and the adults who were injured were not immediately known.

Police say the driver was a 17-year-old boy, who remained at the scene to speak with investigators. He was not detained or arrested, police said. NBCDFW

City Secretary Arrested For Stealing Money

Merkel's City Secretary has been indicted after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from the City by cashing checks in her name and using a City credit card to get cash advances and pay for online gambling for over a year.

Gwendolyn Wetsel, 55, has been indicted for Theft by Public Servant. She was arrested for the crime in April of 2017.

Court documents say the Texas Rangers began investigating Merkel's finances in February of 2016 after City officials came forward with reports of missing money.

In January of 2017, the investigating Rangers learned Wetsel, "had been issuing checks to herself then deleting check from the City records once the checks had been cleared in her bank account," according to the documents, which also say that "in order to make the ledger balance, Wetsel would alter amounts of legitimate checks to cover the amount taken."

The Rangers also learned that Wetsel had charged over $11,000 to a credit card in the City of Merkel's name she had originally obtained legitimately through Sam's Club.

The documents state online payments for this card were connected to one of the City of Merkel's bank accounts. BIGCOUNTRYHOMEPAGE

2 Arrested For Murder Of 82-Year-Old Woman

A couple wanted for the brutal stabbing death of an elderly woman in Shreveport, Louisiana has been arrested in San Angelo.

Roy Jemane Narcisse, 25, of Alexandria, Louisiana and Kiana Deraneka Williams, 25, of Ville Platte, Louisiana are charged with second-degree murder. They are being held in the Tom Green County Jail.

Just before 2 a.m. Thursday, the Texas Rangers told San Angelo Police that Narcisse and Williams were believed to be on their way to San Angelo in the same car they stole from 82-year-old Kathleen Cates after stabbing her Tuesday.

San Angelo police, the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers and U.S. Marshals found the gold, 2005 Honda Accord in the parking lot of the Quality Inn in the 4600 block of South Jackson Street. Narcisse and Williams were still inside the car. KTXS

Truck Hit Wall Then Went Over The Guardrail

A semi-truck crash on I-27 in Hale Center has the roadway shut down until the truck can be moved.

The crash happened just after 1 p.m. in the northbound lanes of I-27 in Hale Center. The truck hit the dividing wall of I-27, over the guardrail and down the side of the underpass.

Officials with the Hale Center Police Department say the crash is "100 percent weather-related," saying there was low visibility and heavy drizzle.

The driver's injuries appeared to be minor.

Any motorists planning on using that route are urged to find an alternate way to their destination. Remember to use caution when driving in any inclement weather. KCBD

Soliz Age 27 Robbed A Spa With AK-47 Rifle

Police have charged a man for the armed robbery of a Round Rock spa last week.

According to the arrest affidavit, Cruz Reyes Soliz, 27, is charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, a second degree felony.

It happened Thursday, September 21, at the Seven Say Spa located at 1510 Sam Bass Road, about a mile west of the I-35 intersection.

Police say Soliz, with his face concealed with a bandanna, kicked in the back door of the business, and while holding an AK-47, ordered one of the employees to the floor. He demanded money, and then fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. CBSAUSTIN

41-Year-Old Woman Killed In Horrific Crash

The Texas Department of Public Safety was investigating a weather-related crash in Coryell County that resulted in a woman's death Wednesday afternoon.

DPS Sgt. Dave Roberts said Hattie Graham, 41, of Brownsville, was killed in the two-vehicle collision around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday on Highway 84, seven miles east of Gatesville.

Roberts said it was raining at the time of the crash.

Graham's 2015 Toyota Prius was traveling westbound when it lost control on the wet pavement and crossed over onto the wrong side of the roadway into the path of an oncoming 2016 Jeep Cherokee traveling in the opposite direction, he said.

The vehicles collided in the eastbound lane.

Coryell County Justice of the Peace Coy Latham pronounced Graham dead at the scene. KWTX

Remains Found In A Septic Tank Identified

Investigators say human remains found inside a South Texas septic tank have been identified as a 21-year-old woman reported missing in 2004.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday announced identification of Leona Johnson and a murder warrant for a man who owned the property near Edcouch.

Sheriff's officials say 40-year-old Aristeo Cervantes Jr. is currently serving 12 years in a Texas prison for the 2015 stabbing of his wife at the same residence.

Deputies in July responded to a call from the current residents about a bone and a boot discovered in the septic tank while it was being serviced. DNA evidence was used to identify Johnson, who was fatally stabbed.

Online records Wednesday didn't immediately provide details on the murder charge or an attorney to speak for Cervantes. KRISTV

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Aledo Student Ricky Standifer Passed Away

Family and friends are mourning a 16-year-old junior at Aledo High School who died unexpectedly over the weekend.

Ricky Standifer reportedly complained about a severe headache on Saturday morning. As his parents decided to take him to the ER he collapsed. He was put on life support and never woke up.

“After extensive testing the neurologist discovered that he suffered an AVM (similar to an aneurysm). This was something that he has most likely had since birth and there was no way anyone could have known,” his mother, Cindy Standifer, shared on her Facebook page.

Aledo ISD Superintendent Dr. Derek Citty said Standifer was known as a kind, hard-working student. He also played football for the Aledo Bearcats.

“All Bearcats are sending thoughts and prayers to the Standifer family in this time of loss as we lift up and celebrate Ricky's life. Ricky's family has made the decision to honor his life by donating his organs in order to give life to others,” he said. FOX4NEWS

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

That's A Wrap - Fixer Upper Ending Season 5

Chip and Joanna Gaines announced on Tuesday the end of their hit renovation show “Fixer Upper.”

Season five, which starts in November, will be the last season of “Fixer Upper,” but it’s not the end of the road for the Gaines family.

“This is just us recognizing that we need to catch our breath for a moment. Our plan is to take this time to shore up and strengthen the spots that are weak, rest the places that are tired and give lots of love and attention to both our family and our businesses,” Chip and Jo, as they are commonly known, wrote in a blog post on their website Tuesday.

While fans of the show will be disappointed it’s the last season, Chip and Jo encourage fans to come see them at the silos in Waco. KSAT

J is For Jeep Stroller Recall Alert, Please Share

A possible danger is prompting the recall of a jogging stroller.

The makers of the "J is For Jeep" line of strollers say the stroller leg bracket could break, allowing a child to fall out.

So far, there's been one report of a child being hurt due to the issue. About 28,000 strollers are being recalled.

The strollers were made by Delta Children, and they were sold across the country at stores like Target and Walmart.

You can contact the company for a free repair through the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website. ABC13

Says He's Sorry For Not Supporting Teammates

When Alejandro Villanueva enrolled at West Point more than a decade ago, it became incumbent upon him to salute the American flag and stand at attention during The Star-Spangled Banner, a practice he continued once he became a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army and a member of the elite Rangers.

However after a tumultuous NFL Sunday that featured teams and players across the league reacting to President Trump's profane comments directed at those who protest during the national anthem, Villanueva felt compelled to apologize to his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates – none of whom took the field for the anthem prior to Sunday's game in Chicago – after he alone stood outside the team tunnel at Soldier Field and stood with his hand over his heart.

"This national anthem ordeal has sort of been out of control, and there's a lot of blame on myself," Villanueva, Pittsburgh's starting left tackle, said Monday.

"I made coach (Mike) Tomlin look bad, and that is my fault and my fault only. I made my teammates look bad, and that is my fault."

Tomlin told CBS prior to kickoff that the team would not take the field for the anthem in order to remain unified despite disparate opinions on Trump and the practice of silent protest prior to NFL games.

"Whatever we do we're going to do 100%, we're going to do together," said Tomlin. "We're not going to let divisive times or divisive individuals affect our agenda." KHOU

Names Harvey, Irma And Maria To Be Retired

It hasn't happened yet but I can tell you with absolute certainty that the hurricane names "Harvey", "Irma" and "Maria" will never again be used by the National Hurricane Center to name a storm. The offending names will be retired by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) when they meet after the season has ended.

So here's the deal: names are retired when incredible, insurmountable insurance losses occur or there is an excessive death toll that would cause sensitivity issues if it were used again. Harvey, Irma and Maria meet the criteria.

Harvey is widely believed to be the most expensive hurricane in U.S. history with damages well in excess of $100 billion but the true cost may never be known. Damage tallies are based on insured losses and fewer than 20-percent of the those affected by Harvey had flood insurance according to THIS article by USA Today. Everybody else will be on the hook to repair it at their own expense. KHOU

Monday, September 25, 2017

Restaurant Takes Stand Against NFL Kneeling

A Texas restaurant is making its own stand in response to recent NFL protests over the national anthem.

Canyon Road Barn & Grill said it will not show any NFL football games until further notice.

The restaurant in Breckenridge, Texas, posted the announcement in its Facebook page stating:

“There will be no viewing of any televised NFL games on any of the six big screen TVs until further notice. For the 99 great things being an American citizen affords us, there will always be that one that ignites some. Freedom of speech (is) being exercised in this establishment. So come for the food, but stay at home if you want to watch an NFL game. “ CLICK2HOUSTON

Target Increasing Minimum Wage To $11 Hour

Target announced Monday that it will be increasing its minimum wage to $11 per hour for all hourly employees in the U.S. with a goal to paying $15 per hour by the end of 2020.

In a press release, Target officials said the pay increase will also apply to the 100,000 seasonal employees that are expected to be hired this fall.

The increase brings Target’s minimum wage above the minimum wage required by law in 48 states and matches Massachusetts and Washington. Last year, Target increased its minimum hourly pay to $10 per hour.

“Target has a long history of investing in our team members. We care about and value the more than 323,000 individuals who come together every day with an absolute commitment to serving our guest,” said Brian Cornell, CEO and chairman of Target. “Target has always offered market competitive wages to our team members. With this latest commitment, we’ll be providing even more meaningful pay, as well as the tools, training and support our team needs to build their skills, develop professionally and offer the service and expertise that set Target apart.” WFAA

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Heather Butler Was Hit By Car And Killed

A Fort Worth woman who was out checking on her disabled car was killed Friday night when she was hit by a vehicle on Texas 114, Keller police said Sunday.

The victim has been identified as Heather Butler, 29, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s website. A ruling on her death is pending.

Butler was pronounced dead Friday night at the scene of the crash, the website states. STAR-TELEGRAM

Meshebia Renee Johnson Killed In Longview Crash

A 17-year-old Longview girl died Friday night at the scene of a two-vehicle wreck on North Eastman Road in which three others were injured – two seriously – according to Longview police.

Meshebia Renee Johnson was killed in the wreck, police said. She was a passenger in the backseat of a car driven by Chad Palmer Malone, 19, of Longview.

Police said the wreck occurred around 8:30 p.m. in the 3000 block of North Eastman Road when a truck driven by Christa Tamara Wilson, 32, of Harleton pulled out of the Target parking lot onto Eastman to head south and collided with Malone’s car, which was driving north in an inside lane. NEWS-JOURNAL

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Bobby Darryl Chamberlain Arrested In Josephine

An investigation is underway following an officer-involved shooting at Texas City Hall Thursday.

Officers fired shots at a man involved in a disturbance at city hall earlier in the week. Officials later identified him as 62-year-old Bobby Darryl Chamberlain, of Josephine. Officers were told at about 4:10 p.m. that Chamberlain was returning to city hall.

Two Josephine police officers showed up, and Chamberlain had a rifle. According to Texas Highway Patrol, officers said they told the him to drop it, but they were ignored. That's when officers, who remain unidentified at this time, fired shots. KCENTV

Thomas Gene Peiser Arrested For Murder

The Texas Department of Public Safety released a statement Friday afternoon concerning a murder in Runnels County which happened Thursday.

DPS said Thomas Gene Peiser, 41, of Miles was arrested for the murder of Antonio Hernandez Romo, 58, of Miles.

Runnels County is northeast of San Angelo and southwest of Abilene. EVERYTHINGLUBBOCK

Dellsyn Zade Kemp Killed In Traffic Accident

A Copperas Cove teenager died Thursday from injuries he suffered in a crash while coming home from doing volunteer work on Fort Hood.

The boy's mother, Cheri Kemp, tells Channel 6 her son, Dellsyn Zade Kemp, 15, was in the backseat of the vehicle Sunday when it was t-boned.

Sgt. Martin Ruiz with the Copperas Cove Police Dept. said the driver of the car in which Kemp was riding ran a stop sign at West Ave. B and North 7th St. The other car ran into the back of the teens' vehicle, according to Sgt. Ruiz.

Cheri Kemp said her son had been in the hospital since the accident but he was taken off life support Thursday. KCENTV

Blake Carlisle Died In Galveston Accident

Former Dickinson High School football player Blake Carlisle died Wednesday in an industrial accident in Galveston.

Carlisle, 20, was one of two men reported killed after a crane fell at 2915 Todd Road, Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office spokesman John “D.J.” Florence said. The address is listed as the T&T Offshore Marine facility.

The second man’s identity has not been released because his next of kin has not been notified, Florence said. A third person who was operating the crane was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, Emergency Medical Services officials said.

Carlisle died of “crushing injuries,” Florence said.

Formerly a star tight end at Dickinson High School, Carlisle signed a letter of intent in 2016 to play football at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Carlisle was a redshirted linebacker his freshman year and was not on the 2017 roster or enrolled in classes this semester, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Carlisle was an “outstanding” person who had a great sense of humor, Dickinson football head coach John Snelson said. KHOU

Friday, September 22, 2017

18-Year-Old Caleb Scott Gibbs Killed In Crash

An 18-year-old is dead after he crashed head-on into another vehicle Wednesday in Panola County, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

At around 11:20 p.m., troopers were dispatched to a two-vehicle accident on State Highway 315 in Panola County, three miles southwest of Longbranch.

A preliminary DPS crash investigation determined a semi driven by Daniel Richard Gama, Jr., 52, of Deer Park, was traveling northeast on SH 315 when a car was entering a gradual right hand curve in the opposite direction. ARKLATEXHOMEPAGE

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Son (7) Kicked Out For Demon Possession

A Texas couple faces child-endangerment charges after they kicked out their 7-year-old because they said he was possessed by demons, according to The Texarkana Gazette. The couple reportedly kicked their son out of the house in August and told him to never come back.

Ronald "Keith" Wright, 56, the boy's stepfather, and Rendy Jo Wright, 39, his mother, admitted in the affidavit to using methamphetamine "as more of a hobby" and live in Hooks, Texas.

Bowie County Sheriff's Office deputies went out on a welfare call to find a neighbor who said the 7-year-old had spent much of the day playing at his house. The neighbor sent the boy home for dinner, but the child quickly returned to say his mom had locked him out. The neighbor then drove the boy home, but he returned again, which is when the neighbor called authorities. NOLA

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Girl (10) Died After Kicked In Face By Horse

A 10-year-girl girl from Bosqueville has died after a family horse kicked her in the head. The McLennan County Sheriff's office said the accident happened on the family's property on Monday night.

The family's pastor at First Methodist Church of Waco confirmed to News Channel 25 that the 10-year-old is Emmie Schneider.

Barnett spent Tuesday afternoon with her family. He said they are all in shock and devastated over the loss of their little girl.

Barnett hasn't been at this church for very long, he started in Aug. but said Emmie stood out to him immediately. He describes her as a loving girl who would light up the church with her smile.

"There's no question that she had the light of Christ living inside of her. I had the opportunity to meet her, to pray with her and get to know her heart. She really made an impression on me. Out of the thousands of people here, she was really special," said Barnett.

Barnett added that funeral services will be held for Emmie in the near future, but there's no date set as of yet.

"There are three things that you can do for the family during this time," said Barnett. "One, grieve. You can grieve with this family. Two, you can pray for them, lift them up. I promise you, they're experiencing your prayers. Number three, hold your families close, make sure that the most important things are communicated to them."

Emmie was in the fifth grade at Bosqueville Elementary. Bosqueville ISD Superintendent James Skeeler said counselors were there to offer emotional support to all those who needed it on Tuesday morning at the school. These services will be available for weeks and months to come as students and staff grieve. KXXV

COPS Is Now Filming In Houston Area

Warning! This is not how you want your 15 minutes of fame.

Two Houston-area sheriff’s departments confirm the reality TV show COPS is filming with its deputies starting Tuesday.

“We're looking forward to @CopsTV joining us,” the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office tweeted.

On Facebook, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office wrote “we will have camera crews from COPS riding with some of our patrol deputies and other divisions in our agency. This is their 30th season of filming. Bad boys Whatcha want, watcha want Whatcha gonna do When Sheriff Rand Henderson come for you.” KHOU

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Body Found Tuesday Night Near Round Rock

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a body that was found near Brushy Creek, just outside of Round Rock.

Round Rock Police were initially called just after 4 p.m. Tuesday, but turned the case over to the Sheriff’s Office because the place where the body was found is just outside the city limits by a few feet. They say it was found on the 2000 block of Brushy Creek Road, which is just southeast of U.S. Highway 79 and Red Bud Lane.

The skeletal remains were found near the rail road track, according to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. It is investigating a possible male victim, but says it is too early to say what happened or why the person died. KXAN

Missing Man Found Hanging From Tree

Authorities have found a body in the search for a Lampasas man who’s been missing for more than two weeks.

Investigators say they are confident the remains are those of Joshua Pendleton, 30, who was last seen at around 11 a.m. on Sept. 2 and was reported missing on Sept. 6, police said Tuesday.

Lampasas police asked for the public’s help in the search for Pendleton on Sept. 11.

A person who was walking in a wooded area along Sulphur Creek spotted the body hanging from a tree at around 11 a.m. Monday, police said in a press release.

The body, which was at least 25 feet above the ground, “had likely been there for a while due to the body’s state of decomposition,” police said.

A crew from the Lampasas electric department assisted in recovering the body from the tree, police said.

Suicide is suspected, police said. KWTX

Dallas Changing Confederate Street Names?

Gaston, Ervay, and Lemmon are well-known street names in the city of Dallas. They are also some of the streets in the city named after Confederate figures.

Now, the Dallas mayor's task force on Confederate monuments is set to discuss whether to recommend changing the names of city streets that are named after Confederate figures.

"There is not really anywhere you can go that doesn't have some layer of difficult history about it in Dallas," said Chris Dowdy, who lives on Junius Street, another street named after a Confederate solider. "We have street names for a reason. Because we have values and we tell stories and we become certain kinds of people based on how we do that work."

A Dallas city staff report estimates the cost of changing names on some of the streets in question. For Lemmon Avenue, the cost would top $364,000. For Gaston Avenue, the cost would be nearly $44,000. For Lee Parkway, the cost is estimated at about $1,430.

"I don't think changing the name will accomplish what people want to accomplish," said Rachel Reininger. "I believe in education rather than just changing history, because history is there, whether or not we like it."

The Mayor's Task Force on Confederate Monuments meets at Dallas City Hall at 6 p.m. Tuesday. NBCDFW

Monday, September 18, 2017

5-Teenagers Killed In Oklahoma Crash Sunday

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said five teenagers died Sunday night when their pickup crashed through a guardrail and drove off of Welling Bridge in Cherokee County. Welling is about four miles south of Tahlequah.

In the collision report, troopers say the 2006 Chevrolet Colorado pickup was traveling south on Welling Road after 10:30 p.m. when it departed the road to the right, struck a guardrail, then came back onto the road before departing to the left and driving through a railing and off the bridge.

Investigators said 18-year-old Donovan Caldwell from Muskogee was driving the truck. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Caldwell was the only one of his friends wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.

The four other passengers were 18-year-old Jessica Swartwout from McAlester; 19-year-old Drake Wells from Thackerville; 18-year-old Lily Murphy of Gentry, Arkansas and 18-year-old Rhianna Seely of Salina.

All five died at the scene. NEWSON6

Did You Know Texas Had A Mermaid School?

Ready to learn all about what it means to be part fish? This class is for you! Mermaid School is over 2 hours of training that teaches you to safely become a real life mermaid or merman.

This amazing class is jam-packed with basic skills to achieve cool surface tricks, muscle control, and exercises to swim through the water with the grace and ease of Ariel herself!

We start class with an orientation that demonstrates body movement to properly use our mermaid tails. We’ll perfect our dolphin kick, authentic mermaid swim and tread techniques to keep you safe and at ease in your mermaid tail.

Next thing you know, you will be doing underwater barrel rolls, and other amazing underwater and surface tricks such as the surface tail flip, and other fun ways to show your mermaid skills. Come take back a childhood dream while we make new friends and enjoy a low-impact way to sculpt our bodies! ADVENTURESCUBANONLINE

Sunday, September 17, 2017

She Dismembered Her Boyfriend With Machete

A woman has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend after she fatally shot him and then dismembered his body inside their home, according to the Baytown Police Department.

Cierra Alexis Sutton, 30, has been charged with the murder of 32-year-old Steven Coleman. Detectives say the gruesome crime took place on August 16, 2017 at the Briarwood Village Apartments in Baytown.

According to detectives, Sutton and the victim got into an argument earlier in the evening and later while the victim was sleeping, Sutton shot him in the head, killing him. She then cut up his body with a machete and placed the remains in various dumpsters. KHOU

4-Killed In Grimes County Weekend Wrecks

At least four people were killed Sunday in two separate vehicle collisions in Grimes County.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the first fatal accident happened just south of Navasota on highway six around 4 am.

Troopers say the driver of an SUV was traveling the wrong direction on the highway when it collided with 26-year-old Bethany Shockey. Shockey was ejected from her vehicle after a third car ran into her.

Shockey did not survive; three others were taken to local hospitals.

The second collision happened this afternoon on FM 149 east of 2562. KBTX

Two Bowie County Police Officers Were Shot

An officer involved shooting overnight in the College Hill area of west Bowie County has law enforcement breathing a sigh of relief today as the two officers injured have been treated and released with non-life threatening injuries.

The incident began as a fire call with a home in flames in the 4600 Block of Farm to Market 44 East across the road from College Hill Baptist Church. The home is reported to belong to Bryan Batchelor. According to law enforcement authorities, Batchelor had been previously picked up and undergone a 24-hour evaluation for mental problems. Batchelor had recently posted on social media that he had intentions of committing suicide by police.

Responders were informed the home owner, Batchelor, was not wanting them to put out the fire and pointing a firearm at the members of the DVFD. Batchelor jumped in his truck driving into a pasture to elude deputies as they arrived. Deputy Eric McMillian was the first one to arrive at this address and Deputy Westin Fannin who is a member of the DVFD rode with Deputy McMillian to locate Batchelor. While the two deputies were driving through a field to get to Batchelor, their vehicle became stuck. Batchelor rammed the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) unit the two deputies were in while they were unable to move. Batchelor then discharged several rounds at the deputies while they returned gunfire. Both Deputies suffered gunshot wounds from this exchange but were not critically injured.

Batchelor once again fled in his vehicle and was spotted on County Road 4241 by Deputy Clint Freeman. Deputy Freeman could see that Batchelor once again had intentions of striking his vehicle with a deputies’ patrol unit. He attempted to maneuver his vehicle out of Batchelor’s way to avoid this collision, but was unsuccessful. This rendered Deputy Freeman’s vehicle inoperable. It was at this time that deputies lost sight of Batchelor and did not know where he had hid. NEWBOSTONNEWS