Sunday, September 10, 2017

After 2-Weeks Port Aransas Lights Back On

After over two weeks in the dark after Hurricane Harvey, residents in Port Aransas are welcoming the light as power is slowly restored in the city.

Hurricane Harvey plunged the area into darkness as it made landfall, as thousands of crews with AEP Texas rushed to help the communities left in a blackout. One of those communities was the beachside town of Port Aransas.

There, utilities were unavailable for more than a week, with electricity absent for over two. Even as power returned to nearby Corpus Christi and other cities, Port Aransas remained without power due to widespread and extensive damage from the storm.

As of this weekend, however, it seems residents in the city have finally gotten a reprieve from the dark. AEP said around 95% of the area had power at a cost of around $150 million to restore services.

Residents continued to gather near donation sites, piling up debris around the city, which the Mayor said would be the next priority. He had high hopes for the city and its community.

"As a city and as a people, I think they've come together very well," said Charles Bujan, Port Aransas' Mayor. "They're tough. They're resilient. They live on an island, they know what the sea is and what it can do. They're going to come back strong."