Monday, October 9, 2017

Flags Put Out By Boy Scouts For Columbus Day Found Burned In Borger

These were found on Yows street. Not only is this disrespectful it’s $150 worth of Flags that the punks will be responsible for.

I knew it was alive in Borger but it’s obviously more present than I thought.

These were put out for Columbus Day by Troop 507.

If you have any idea whose behind this please contact the Borger PD. I’m not sure if the delinquents thought this would be cool or “funny” but it is neither to me.

If they want attention they need to get it.

I guess Burning our U.S Flag makes them feel better about themselves.

My husband and Dad fought for this Flag and will continue to do so until the day they meet Jesus. Katina Swinney

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