Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Was Isabella McCarble (Age 15) Lured From High School By Sex Traffickers?

A mother fears her daughter who has been missing for more than a week was lured away by sex traffickers.

Flyers are posted at businesses on the west side of Houston, just down the street from Memorial High School, where Isabella McCarble is a sophomore.

"I just want her to come home," cried Christina McCarble from her gated west side community where she thought her daughter was safe.

Isabella is a 15-year-old bubbly brunette, who's family is desperate to bring her home.

"This was the dress she had for Homecoming," said her mom.

An event McCarble says her daughter wouldn't have missed.

"I feel like somebody has her, I feel like she's being held against her will," she said.

Isabella's phone is shut off, there's no activity on her social media and she doesn't drive a car. The lead the family's private investigator is following: a new group of friends. KHOU

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