Sunday, November 12, 2017

Grandpa Said The Rich Just Get Richer, But He Never Imagined Today

For decades the amount of money held by the very rich has quickly been increasing and right now it’s growing at an all time fast pace. I believe in capitalism, but what is happening in the United States today is not real capitalism – but something much more sinister.

What we have now are rich people using their money to influence lawmakers to write laws in Washington D.C. that will enable them to continue to grow their wealth, even when they make mistakes that would destroy their companies under ‘real capitalism.’ Ever heard of the term ‘too big to fail?' That mentality is alive and well in the U.S. right now.

Almost everyday we learn of new revelations of wrong doing or mismanagement at major corporations. Ask yourself, is there any downside paid by the folks at the top of those companies? Sadly, the answer is many of those CEO’s are rewarded by government bailouts and if they are forced out as leaders of the company, their severance packages are usually in the $100’s of millions.

The only folks who really get hurt are the hard-working people at those companies who did nothing wrong, but are fired anyway. Politics and business are a revolving door where political leaders are rewarded by business when they leave office with huge paychecks and perks.

While it is still possible for someone to use the American system to produce wealth for themselves in this modern world. For the guy or gal who wants to just show up for work, do the right thing, and get ahead – their future is a lot less promising. While I don’t know the solution to this issue, there is no doubt it’s a big problem and it’s getting worse.

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