Thursday, November 9, 2017

November 7th, 2000 - The Last Day No One Died On Texas Roadways

Wow, I always knew a bunch of folks died in traffic accidents in Texas – but I had no idea it had been 17-years since we had a day when no one was killed. The state of Texas is starting a new campaign called ‘End The Streak Tx’ with the goal of going back to November 2000 and having, at least, one more day when no one is killed on the roads of Texas.

I wish them luck, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe hoping that happens. There are more people living in Texas today than ever and, if you’ve driven lately you know it’s very dangerous out there. Drivers are tired, angry, drunk and checking their cell phones everywhere you go. It seems impossible this new campaign will be successful, but who knows? Maybe the weather will be so bad, statewide, one day, that no one will be able to drive?

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