Saturday, November 11, 2017

Simple Ideas To Show A Veteran Your Support, Today!

Millions of Americans love and support veterans, but some folks have never found a way to show that appreciation to them on Veterans Day. Here are two simple ideas you might try today, if you are fortunate enough to see one of these American heroes in person.

Something I have done for years is to buy a meal for a vet or active duty soldier when I see them at a restaurant. If it’s a ‘sit down place’, I usually ask my waiter to bring me their check, so I can pay for their meal. I always ask the waiter to wait until we are gone, before they say anything to them.

Another good place to show support to a veteran is at a movie theater. If you notice a vet in line behind you, simply tell the person in the ticket window that you want to buy an extra movie ticket for the soldier in uniform behind you. Most of the time they are more than happy to do so. Personally, I want my gift to them to be anonymous – but some folks want to see their face when they are given the gift and that's fine, too.

Whether you choose to use one of these ideas or come up with something else on your own, please do something nice for a vet on Veterans Day. We owe so much to these 1% of Americans who are and were willing to give all for the very freedoms we enjoy. Happy Veterans Day!

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