Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Texas Woman Hit By 9-Vehicles - No Drivers Stopped To Help Her

In late October, a young woman named Brittany Spears (27) was walking along the side of Highway 249 in Houston when she was killed after 9-different vehicles ran over her. Police have not made an arrest in that case. Brittany is the third person to be struck and killed by hit and run drivers on that stretch of road, recently.

Residents in the area are trying to get TXDOT to improve lighting on HWY 249, but funds for that request are still pending with the state of Texas. Terrible accidents happen in Texas every day, but I don’t remember ever hearing a story as horrible as this one.

More than likely, Brittany died when that first vehicle hit her. However, it’s hard for me to believe that nine fellow Texans would care so little about the welfare of someone else, that they would run over someone and refuse to stop and offer help. Please pray for Brittney’s family.

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