Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Will Texans Ever Support Additional Gun Control Laws?

Simply put, the answer is no and it’s understandable the reasons why. While many in the media love to point fingers at Texans and refer to us as nothing more than a bunch of dumb rednecks. The truth is many Texans might support some additional gun safety ideas, but we all know it would not end there.

Liberals in Congress and the media have made it their mission in life to not only take away guns from law abiding citizens, but their real goal is to abolish the Second Amendment all together. My thinking is, if you give an inch on any kind of new gun restrictions, liberals will take a mile.

Another reason why Texans will not support new gun control laws is they just don’t work. Most of the laws already on the books when it comes to firearms aren’t working, so why would adding new ones be any better? The truth liberals refuse to admit is that tougher gun control laws only hurt law-abiding citizens.

No criminal is going to waste their time lining up for a background check they cannot pass. Instead, they will seek out illegal means to purchase a firearm and no gun control law will prevent that from happening. In today’s crazy messed up world, few Texans want to hit the hay at night, without a firearm at their side to keep their family safe from harm.

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