Sunday, November 12, 2017

Will You Be Watching NFL Football Today?

Ratings are down, fans are angry, players are protesting, and it appears NFL owners are ready to give their commissioner a raise and contract extension. What is happening in the NFL right now is the same thing I learned about societies in history class, long ago, and that is great nations are not destroyed from the outside, but instead they implode from within.

It’s unbelievable to me that folks in the NFL seem to be the only ones who do not see that their good fortunes are dying. Maybe it was just the right time for the most popular game in America for the past 40-years to take its big nose dive, just like baseball did a few decades ago.

For many NFL fans, it not just one thing that is souring them on the National Football League – but many little things that prove they (the fans) are nothing more than an afterthought to team owners and players. As a huge NFL fan, it hurts me to see the one sport I really love completely falling apart right before my eyes.

Every summer, the one thing that got me through those long hot days was the knowledge that fall would soon arrive and NFL football would be there to keep me going on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. After the past two seasons in the NFL and the fact team owners seem ready to reward the one man who is presiding over its demise, I doubt if it will be long before almost everyone gives up on the NFL. What a terrible loss for millions of fans who love the game.

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