Monday, January 8, 2018

Police Need Help Finding Who Murdered This Grandmother

Pearland police are looking for help to solve the murder of a grandmother who was found dead just two days before Christmas.

"Who are they to take away my son's grandma, my nephew's grandma?" asked Greg Young, whose mother Valerie Young died last month. "What gives you that right to do that to somebody so innocent? I just want that answer."

Police are stumped by her murder. Just today, investigators put out a news release, including only vague details about the murder on Dec. 23rd in the 1500 block of Roy Road.

Greg says the family, wanting privacy, at first asked police not to publicize the murder. However, the last two weeks have not led to the arrest of any killer.

"I'm just as lost and clueless as the investigators. There's nothing. I don't know of anything. My family knows absolutely nothing. Seriously. Clueless. Doesn't make sense," said Greg Young.

Police won't say how the 59-year-old vicitm was killed. Her son says she was shot several times.

Source: ABC13