Sunday, January 7, 2018

Texas Police Chief Releases Illegal Immigrants Instead Of Calling ICE

FIVE MONTHS AFTER the deadliest human smuggling tragedy in more than a decade unfolded in his city, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus did something unusual: He opted to retain local control over a similar investigation, rather than hand the case off to his federal counterparts at Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In the process, the police chief released a dozen immigrants found in a tractor trailer from government custody and opened himself up to criticism from proponents of President Donald Trump’s hard-line immigration agenda.

According to a police report shared with The Intercept and comments McManus made to reporters Thursday, the story began on December 23, when an SAPD officer responded to a call regarding a suspicious 18-wheeler parked with its trailer door open. A man who identified himself as the owner of the truck was pacing around the vehicle, the responding officer reported. Inside the trailer, along both sides, were a dozen people — 10 men and two women. When the officer asked one of the men where he was from, the man responded, “Guatemala.”

Source: The Intercept